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MRL Lift Price in Bangladesh

Welcome to visit Bangladesh Elevator Limited to buy and know about MRL lift. MRL Elevator machines are normally located in the hoistway. It eliminates the need for any traditional machine storeroom. MRL lift is designed for low- to the mid-rise tower with up to 240 feet of rising.

Advantages of MRL Lift

  • It will eliminate traditional machine room
  • It reduces power consumption
  • Normally it has better speeds than any hydraulic systems
  • It is less expensive than other geared traction systems
  • It accommodates front/rear openings

Bangladesh Elevator MRL elevators are the better suggestion for you while space for a machine room is not available. On the other hand, MRL lifts are economical because they need less power when compared to any traditional geared traction system. Moreover, traction MRLs eliminate any problems associated with the hydraulic equipment system.