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Car Lift

Car Lift Price in Bangladesh

Car Lifts: a sweet home for your loving cars

At present, vehicles are playing a vital role in our day-to-day life. Almost everybody in the whole world more or less thinks of having a car. Now, it is not a symbol of fashion or luxury but a necessitate. For perfect and handy personal use, a car is the best choice. Because of its multi-purpose usage, we consider a car as our family member. So, we want to keep our cars in a safe zone without spending extra money
and extra space.

But we always face trouble while parking it in our garage. Most often we cannot keep sufficient space for our garage while we build our lodge or we build our houses before buying a car. So, we can never feel the importance of keeping a car in our house. But we often realize our mistakes when we become an owner of a car and drive to our house for the first time. We know, it is quite easier to buy a car than to
expand our garage or parking lots and sometimes it becomes impossible. So, to get the relief you from this hassle we have emerged before you with a huge collection of brand new and world-class Car Lifts. To make your small and narrow garage or parking lots large at capacity for more cars, there is no alternative to a Car Lift.

What is a Car Lift or a Vehicle Lift?

It is one kind of elevator or a lift that is designed to lift cars or small vehicles vertically inside garages aims to park two or more cars in a single space. It is a space-saving device that also favors looking after the cars easily. It can be used personally inside a residential building and commercially in a car workshop.

Types of Car Lifts:

There are several types of vehicle or car elevators and they differ from each other for their functions, capacity, and services. However, the following ones are quite common and popular.

Two Post Lifts

It is one kind of Car Lift that has two strong and sturdy posts and supportive stabilization arms to lift small vehicles like cars, pick up, and so on. It is a common and cost-effective auto lift. It is suitable for both domestic and amateur use. A two-post car lift is considered to be great for its space-saving convenience. According to structure and operating system, there are also several types of two post car lifts in
the market.

1. Symmetrical Lifts: Asymmetrical lift is one kind of car lift that contains two strong posts facing each other directly. The supporting arms assemblies each can hold about 40-60% load. It is suitable for Ford F-Series, Toyota Scroll Series, Tata Nano, Nissan, and so on like them.

2. Overhead Lifts: it is one type of two-post car lift that has a hydraulic hose and equalization cables. It is suitable for Chevy Silverado, GMC Sierra, Altima.

Despite having some differences among Two Post Car Lifts, they are all suitable for
lifting lighter vehicles for services and parking in little space.


• Space-saving
• Cost-effective
• Suitable for all types of services, especially for wheel services


• Needs floor anchors to set up the posts
• Not easy portable
• Only for light vehicles

Four Post Lifts

The garage vehicle lift contains four supporting posts or columns to lift vehicles is called a Four-Post Car Lift. These lifts are stronger than the two-post lifts and can hold higher capacity than the two-post lifts for their extra support posts. It is a user-friendly lift and has a wide range of clienteles for domestic and commercial usages.

The most important aspect found in a four-post car lift is its lifting capacity. It can hold up to 6,000lb to 40,000lb, that means it is suitable for midsized sedans and small trucks.


• Easy portable
• Never needs floor anchors to set up
• Higher capacity
• Comparatively energy saving (require 115-volt)
• More variety in accessories and weight capacities


• A bit costly
• Not suitable for wheel services
• Comparatively takes more space

Scissor Car Lift

Unlike post lifts, it is one kind of vehicle lift that holds up vehicles with accordion-like mechanisms under the platform. It is used while servicing the vehicles. It is especially suitable for wheel services, not for parking. It is not a space-saving lift and is mainly used in car workshops. There are three types of scissor lifts- X type, parallelogram type, and panto graph type. Low rise scissor lifts can raise to 36 inches off the ground, while mid-rise lifts are known for raising between 36 and 48 inches.


• According to size and capacity, scissor lifts tend to keep a low profile
• Easily portable
• Perfect for wheel servicing
• Cost-saving


• Slight tweaking
• Not space-saving
• Only wheel servicing friendly but not for all services