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WELCOME TO BANGLADESH ELEVATOR LTD — Your Premier Destination for Elevator Excellence. Proud distributors of renowned brands such as Fuji South Korea, Fuji Japan, Fuji China, and VKS Fuji (Japan China Joint Venture), Autur Turkish,Fuji Global Ltd. At Bangladesh Elevator Ltd, we pride ourselves on our ability to supply elevators of any brand, tailored to meet the unique requirements of our valued customers. Since our inception in 2010, we have rapidly emerged as the fastest-growing elevator company in Bangladesh, setting new standards of quality and innovation. Our expertise extends to collaboration with world-famous elevator and escalator brands, including Fuji, Autur, Hidoks, Sigma, Otis, VKS Fuji, Silver and others. As an importer-exporter and a Government 1st Class Contractor, we stand as a trusted general supplier, committed to delivering unparalleled service and elevating the standards of vertical transportation in Bangladesh and beyond.

Residential Lift

Residential Lift

Residential Lift Price in Bangladesh

Residential Lift: the symbol of comfort and aristocracy

The ancient and primitive goal of human beings is to lead a comfortable life with minimum labor. To fulfill this goal, human beings have been inventing so many things since the very beginning of civilizations. After food, shelter, or dwelling has drawn the huge attention of
the residents of any civilization. Living in the ultra-modern era we are doing the same by turning our huts or caves into luxurious mansions with maximum utilities like- electricity, water, ventilation, lift, and so on.

At present, no multistoried building can be imagined without a lift system. The usages of lifts especially: Residential Lift, Residential Lift Elevators, or Small Residential Lift are increasing day by day. The multi-purposed and handy utilities of Residential Lift have made them the first choice to the engineers, owners, and developers. They are used not only for convenience but also for beautification and smartness.

What is a residential lift?

The Residential Lift or Home Lift is a kind of platform/box lift or wheelchair lift that ensures easy access to all levels of a multistoried building or home with sufficient capability. Usually, it moves up and down vertically with a convenient motion. This vertical platform lift (VPL) is often fixed inside or outside the building with a lift lobby. A Small Residential Lift always provides convenient access without compromising architectural character. It is quite energy-saving and economic.

Where to use a residential lift? 

Residential Lifts or Home Lifts are used at a wide range. According to their capacity and service range, they are basically used from a two-storied or duplex building to a multi-storied building of 20-50 floors. In the previous few years, Residential Lift Elevators were used only for the entrance of the floors. But, at present, Small Residential Lifts are used simply between the rooms without a dead space inside the rooms. We design lifts and modules according to your needs and building design and also offer easy installation so that you and your family can enjoy them for years.

Utilities of a residential lift
In the beginning, lifts or elevators were invented as alternatives to the stairs but in the present era, lifts, elevators, or escalators have become the vital necessities in any multi-storied buildings. Now, the luxury of any building mostly depends on its elevator facilities. The residents are used to using the lifts in their residents. The Residential Lifts are the best-suited for the following benefits:

For narrow space: being small and light, the residential or domestic lifts are quite convenient and suitable for buildings of narrow spaces. Its super-slim construction ensures it fits into very narrow spaces.

Easy to fit: as the domestic lifts are simple in operating, so they seldom require extra chambers or space inside the building. As a result, they can be set up inside or outside of the building. Moreover, they can be installed in poorly constructed buildings.

Energy-saving: being light and simple, the residential lifts are often economic and durable. Its super-slim construction requires simple maintenance services at a cheapcost.

Friendly for the old and the children: though using stairs is healthy, it may be the cause of an accident for old people and the children. They slip in the stairs very often and become injured very badly. So, to offer them a sweet home, there will be no alternatives
to a residential lift.

Friendly for the lame and patients: climbing up and down the stairs is always difficult and painful for the impotence, patients, and pregnant women. But a domestic lift can be a sweet solution for it. It surely saves them from a major injury and accident. Heaving heavy

Goods and furniture: As we have to buy different types of heavy goods and furniture for our daily use and decoration the interior, so we have to hire some laborers to carry them into our rooms. It is quite costly and risky to bring them up using the stairs. Thus, to get rid of this problem, a residential lift can be a better solution. A residential lift is quite capable to carry refrigerators, washing machines, almirahs, lounges, cupboards, and so on.

Clients of a residential lift
As a domestic lift is so cheap compared to others, so anybody can be a proud owner of it. Not only the rich but also a middle-class family can make it a part of their daily life. A residential lift is made not only for family usage but also for offices and corporate buildings. It is also a suitable part of multi-storied school buildings, colleges, and universities. Besides, to ensure a quick and calm excursion for the VIP protocol, a residential elevator can be the best choice for any type of multi-storied buildings like-hospitals, industries, supermarkets, shopping malls, and public buildings.

Our goals and services
Being a leading supplier and assembler in the elevator market in this country, we are committed to ensuring a reliable relationship with our customers. Customers’ satisfaction is our first priority. So, we always offer the following services:

Quality elevators: we are one of the few reputed companies in the country where you get the world’s best residential lifts or elevators with durable quality. We also assemble the lifts by our expert engineers. We also ensure aesthetic design for your lifts that
enhances the smartness and reputation of your mansions, buildings, offices among the dwellers and the staff.

Maintenance and fixups: our experienced experts are always ready and active to serve you quality maintenance and fixups at a reasonable cost. We offer you a 24-hour service assurance within a reasonable time. We do not bother to ensure on-call services.

Spare parts and replacement: we are the only few companies that supply original spare parts for your lifts and elevators at a net price.
Types of residential lifts:

The Four Main Types of Residential Elevators
• Roped Hydraulic Residential Elevators.
• Pneumatic Vacuum Elevators for the Home.
• Winding Drum & Counterweight Chain Drive Home Elevator Systems.
• Traction Drive Elevator Systems.

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQ)

Which type of lift is best for home?
There are three models of air-driven home elevators….Types of Home Elevators. Home Elevator Systems Type of Home Elevator Best For  Chain-Driven Elevators Saving space, durability Traction (MRL) Elevators New construction, durability and existing homes Hydraulic Elevators Saving space.

What are various types of lifts?

The several types of lifts or elevators include building lift, capsule lift, hydraulic elevator, pneumatic elevator, passenger lift, freight elevator, traction elevator/cable-driven, residential elevators, machine room-less elevator, etc.

What is the difference between a lift and an elevator?
In British English, a lift is known as a device that moves up and down inside a tall building and carries people from one floor to another but in American English, a device like this is often called an elevator.

How many types of elevators are there?

There are three main types of elevators commonly used:

  • Traction with a machine room.
  • Machine-Room-Less (MRL) traction,
  • Hydraulic.

How much does a residential lift Cost?
On average, home elevators can cost between $28,000 and $35,000 depending upon floors served, the configuration of the elevator car, and other considerations. The prices that we quote for our customers include tax, permits, shipping, and installation fees.