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Cargo Lift

Cargo Lift Price in Bangladesh

Cargo Lift: The Ultimate Solution of Lifting Goods
Before inventing wheels, heavy goods were carried from one place to another by either domestic animals or boats. People also used their backs or soldiers. But before inventing lifts or elevators, there was no easy and frequent option to move the heavy and solid goods up. Things were moved up only using stairs. It was so risky and rugged.

Cargo Lifts or Goods Lifts have brought a great dimension in this regard and changed the scenario. Being handy and suitable for any type of buildings, a cargo lift has become the first tool for any construction site, industry, multi-storied building, restaurants where heavy goods are needed to lift up quickly and safely. A Cargo Lift can be set up in both the inside and outside of a building and does not
require any pit to be excavated. To transfer the goods between the floors with safety and accuracy there is no alternative to a Goods Lift or a Cargo Lift.

What is a Cargo Lift or Goods Lift?
A Cargo Lift is one kind of lift or machine that lifts heavy goods vertically between the floors in a safe way. Generally, a Cargo Lift works automatically but sometimes it is operated by an attendant. A Goods Lift can be set up in anywhere a multistoried building and it does not require any extra chamber or pits to be excavated. It moves up and down holding columns attached to the building. There are a lot of
different kinds of Cargo Lifts or Goods Lifts like- small goods lifts, service lifts, kitchen lifts, tire lifts, storage spaces lifts, heavy-duty goods lifts, goods lifts with a cage, car lifts, and so on.

Types of Cargo Lifts
Cargo Lifts are varied according to theirshapes and services. They are also modified according to their purposes and the design of the building. The following ones are quite common and widely used.

Fully Caged Cargo Lift: It is covered by steel mesh for safe loading. This lift is suitable for multi-level applications with heavy and solid goods kept in a protective mesh. Being a mesh body it is light and consumes little energy. Thus, it is quite
economic and cheap.

Four-Post Cargo Lift: It is a mesh-body cargo lift that moves up and down vertically holding four columns attached to the building. It is widely used in indoor or outdoor workplaces of a building and warehouse. A Four-Post Cargo Lift is impeccable for lifting heavy goods or pallets among different vertical floors.

Two-post Cargo Lift: It is also called a wall-mounted goods lift that is suitable for handling goods in small spaces with smaller capacities. A Two-Post Cargo Lift is randomly used in indoor and outdoor places of a building or a warehouse.

What is Cargo Lift System?
The fixed freight and non-scissor freight elevator system are known as Cargo Lift System. It is a suitable system for the transfer of heavy and solid goods between the floors of industrial plants, restaurants, warehouses, mines, and so on. A Cargo Lift System is mainly handy and suitable for the buildings where the pits cannot be excavated. It does not require any upper lifting points to control. Here the equipment moves smoothly and the whole operation is totally simple and reliable. A Cargo Lift System is economical and convenient with hydraulic and economical protections.

The Advantages of a Cargo Lift
A Cargo Lift is beneficial and helpful in many ways. The following aspects have made a Cargo Lift different from the others.
✓ It is good in quality with an available price ratio
✓ It is flexible in different sizes and types with RAL colors
✓ It is corrosion free and suitable for all-weather
✓ Being self-supporting, it saves money on construction
✓ It does not require any extra spaces for setting up
✓ It is construction cost saving as no pits are needed to excavate
✓ Its maintenance is so simple and quick inspection is possible
✓ It is problem-free and solutions are available in any situation

Our lifts are ready to ensure the above-mentioned advantages and bring you a trouble-free transfer system among the floors. Our experience and skills are beside you.

Clients of a Cargo Lift
Cargo Lifts are one sort of heavy-duty material lift that is designed to transfer various kinds of heavy and solid production materials, machines, vehicles, pallets, or forklifts. It is suitable for commercial buildings, garages, warehouses, factory plants, industrial spaces, retail stores, mines, racking systems, restaurants, and shopping centers. So, the following ones should be on the front lines:
✓ Developers of multi-storied buildings
✓ Vehicles importers and distributors
✓ Industrialists
✓ Restaurant owners

Safety Switch of a Cargo Lift
The safety switch of a Goods Lift is designed according to several safety requirements like fence door limit, cage door limit, top door limit, upper and lower limit switch, counterweight anti-break rope protection switch, etc. sometimes, in order to save troublesome limit switches are manually modified or canceled. 

Anti-fall safety device
It is an important part of the construction of a lifting platform. It is also necessary to eliminate the occurrence of cage falling accidents. So, the factory test of the antifall safety device is very strict. Thus, the legal inspection unit should measure the torque, critical speed, spring compression before leaving the building.

Our Services
We are one of the leading companies that imports and supplies the world’s class powerful and durable Cargo Lifts throughout the whole country. We offer the following services at a convenient cost.

✓ Powerful lifts with a capability of lifting more than 1000kg
✓ Large enough to transport goods pallets, stretchers, or groups of people
✓ Delivery in ready-made modules
✓ Low lift pits and top height
✓ Installation in 4-5 days
✓ Minimal structural impacts
✓ Installation system from the premier payment
✓ 24-hours service guaranty
✓ Original spare parts
✓ Assemble and maintenance with experts and experienced engineers

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQ)

What is a Freight Lift?
The simple and reliable lifting solution to transport heavy goods between the floors is called a Freight or Cargo Lift. A Freight Lift often travels at slower speeds than a passenger lift or a Residential Lift and is capable to carry up heavier loads.

Why is a Cargo Lift or a Freight Lift used?
The Freight Lifts are designed only for carrying up heavy goods and materials throughout a building. Though its speed is slower compared to a Residential Lift, it can carry much heavier loads and is designed to withstand tougher working conditions.

How fast does a Freight Lift go?
Generally, a Freight is quite capable to lift up to 100 feet per second. It is important to remember that a Cargo Lift is made for lifting much heavier loads compared to pedestrian elevators.

How much weight can a Cargo Lift hold?
Normally, a standard freight lift in a low-rise building can hold anywhere from 2100 to 2500 lbs or 907 to 1134 kg. but the higher the building is, the more capacity it normally has.

Is a Freight Elevator the same as a Service Lift?
Service Elevators carry supplies and people while Freight Lifts carry mainly heavy and solid goods in hand with the equipment that is required to load and unload those goods.

How tall a Cargo Lift or a Freight Lift is?
Capacity (lbs.) Hoistway Door
Width x Reg Door Depth x Pass Door Depth Width x Height
6000 12’0” x 21’0” x 21’2” 9’6” x 7’8”
8000 12’2” x 21’0” x 21’2” 9’6” x 7’8”
10000 12’4” x 22’5” x 22’7” 9’6” x 7’8”

Indeed, regarding a Cargo or Goods or Freight Lift, it certainly should be said that
no construction sites, industries, warehouses can be imagined without it. So, to
fulfill your desire and expectations regarding this we are always beside you.