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Escalator Lift

Escalators are the only mechanical device in the world that never breaks down. They turn into a flight of stairs. Elevator lore: a big metal box that goes up and down. It also has some spikes in the rare off-chance that the cable snaps.

It is very interesting to see the inside workings of an escalator. I have seen that various times in the DC metro during their maintenance, and the dc metro system relies so heavily on using them. They have various lengths, including the longest escalator in the western hemisphere, located in Wheaton, MD.

If the chain between the massive motor and the stairs breaks, are there any safety features that prevent the stair treads from free rolling under the force of gravity? Escalators where the handrail moves ever slightly slower/faster than the stairs. Why is this? is it friction for the slower ones? what about the ones that go faster?The speeds of the handrail and the stairs are not the same for security reasons. Upwards the handrail is slightly faster so that passengers are leaning forward automatically.

Downwards the handrail is slightly slower so that the passengers are leaning backwards automatically. The difference in speed is very small and would not be recognized by most people.The handrail must move at the same speed as the steps” that is very much not true. The handrail must move a little faster than the steps do.