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Commercial Lift

Commercial Lift Price in Bangladesh

Commercial Lift: the heart of a public fabric

In our present age lifts are playing a vital role in many types of multi-storied buildings like apartments, shopping malls, warehouses, mines, industries, hospitals, and so on. Lifts or elevators have become a familiar sight in today’s world, and the
things that we all use in daily life. Lifts or elevators are varied according to their services and purposes we want.

Commercial Lifts are one of them and the usages of it are expanding day by day. Because of economic growth all over the world, trade and business are increasing at every moment. As a result, sky-kissing buildings are being built all over the world event in developing countries like Bangladesh, India, Sri Lanka, and Myanmar. Thus, Commercial Lifts or elevators have become very common tools in our
everyday life.

What is a Commercial Lift or Commercial Elevator?

The lift or elevator that is basically used to lift people vertically from one floor to another in a public or commercial building is called a Commercial Lift or Elevator. It is a familiar feature in multi-storied buildings like hotels, shopping malls, trade centers, hospitals, and offices. Commercial lifts are quite speedy and capable to travel many floors at a time. It is often operated manually or by an attendant. A
commercial Lift is not used for private issues.

Types of Commercial Lifts

There are several types of Commercial Lifts and they vary according to the clients’ applications like- the height of the building, speed, space, capacity, and purpose. Considering some criteria, Commercial Lifts are found in the following four types.

Hydraulic Commercial Lifts

One kind of passenger lift has a fluid-driven piston mounted inside of a cylinder that lifts the carriage. These lifts are best suited for low-rise buildings not more than five stories tall like hotels, motels, and shopping malls.

Traction Lifts

The lifts are operated by traction steel ropes to move the cab up and down are called traction lifts. This elevator system is often found in mid to high-rise buildings. A traction lift can carry loads from 250kg to 3000kg about 20 people. It offers maximum flexibility in designs with geared and motor room fewer options. A Traction Lift also ensures maximum ride quality due to its precision noise and speed

Machine Room-Less (MRL) Lifts

It is one sort of less energy-consuming lift that is operated without a machine room. Unlike the Traction and Hydraulic lifts, Machine Room-Less Lifts can create more space inside the building.

Low Pit Lifts

This is the lift that has the same characteristics as a passenger lift, but the only difference is that it includes one-touch controls and sliding doors. They are quite handy and popular because they are used in a wide range of environments that include public access areas like- offices, schools, shopping malls, hospitals, and retail stores. However, the only limitation of this lift is speed. It is quite slower than
the others. There are various types of Low Pit Lifts including Commercial Lifts that are so prestigious and cost-effective, hardworking goods lifts for business for both exterior and interior door lift systems.

Freight Lifts

A freight lift is designed mainly to carry goods or heavy things, not for the passengers. This lift can carry heavy goods very easily and efficiently than that of a passenger lift. It is suitable for the commercial use of a construction site.

Dumbwaiter Lifts

It is quite similar to a freight lift but smaller. Furthermore, it is primarily used for lifting small loads like bundles of books, packets of food from one floor to another. It can move up and down through a small panel.

The Biggest and World Class Brands of Commercial Lifts Let’s have look at the most well-known and well-respected lifts brands.

❖ ThyssenKrupp
❖ Otis
❖ Kone
❖ Schindler
❖ Fujitec
❖ Pine State

Though Commercial Lifts are manufactured in standard sizes, we carefully and perfectly custom the design equipment to suit and fit your specific application.

Commercial Lifts vs Residential Lifts

The only and foremost duty of a lift or an elevator is to transport people or goods from one floor to another in a safe and pleasant way. But according to the purpose and condition, lifts or elevators vary from one another. Though Commercial Lifts and Residential Lifts have the same characteristics, they differ from one another for the following aspects:

Cost: Commercial Lifts are much more expensive than that Residential Lifts. Commercial Lifts become expansive for their design and the components found inside them. On the other hand, being space-saving, home lifts become cheaper for installation.

Installation: To install a commercial lift, we will need a machine room, but this is not the case of a residential lift. Installing a commercial lift is always time-consuming, but residential lifts consume little time comparatively.

Operating System: Home lifts are usually hydraulic, but commercial lifts are operated with a steel rope system.

Size: Commercial Lifts are always larger compared to a home lift. Home lifts are designed only to carry fewer people and fit easily into a domestic setting. But this is not the case for a commercial lift, which is often more spacious and capable to carry more loads or people at a time. There are fixed weight and height requirements for all commercial lifts, but the home lifts do not have these regulations.

Purpose: Commercial lifts are so familiar in the high multi-storied buildings like- hotels, shopping centers, and offices. But home lifts are found only in small or low residential buildings. Commercial lifts can travel many floors at a time, but it is not the same for a home lift. Home lifts can travel only one or two floors and carry not more than a couple of people.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How much does a commercial elevator cost?

It usually varies according to size, capacity, weight, and height. The starting cost of a commercial lift in Bangladesh is about $10,000-$50,000. Besides, brands, design, and durability are also considered for its price.

How much does it cost to install a commercial lift?

The starting cost for installing a commercial lift is approximate $1,000-$5,000. But the cost may vary depending on the size and capacity, height, width, and structure of the building.

How much space does a commercial lift require?

As Commercial Lifts are used in public places, so they should be more spacious in width and height. The average size is 24 square feet in wide and 8 feet in height. How long does it take to install a commercial Lift? Usually, it depends on the height and structure of the buildings. But at a minimum, it often takes four days for a medium-high building. For each floor above two stops need another day.

What is the smallest commercial elevator?

It varies depending on your needs. The smallest commercial lifts are less than 6 feet by 8 feet inside and can hold 4,000 pounds; the largest ones are 12 feet by around 17.5 feet inside and can lift up to 15,000 pounds.


Because of expanding trade and business, the use and demand for Commercial Lifts are increasing day by day. It is being used at a wide range for carrying both passengers and goods in any type of multi-storied public and commercial buildings.