WELCOME TO BANGLADESH ELEVATOR LTD --- We are distributor of Fuji South Korea --- We Can Supply Any Brand Lift As Our Customer’s Requirement --- Fastest Growing Elevator Company in Bangladesh Since 2010 --- We work world-famous elevator and escalator brands like Fuji, Sigma, Otistar, Silver & Others --- We are importer-exporter & Govt. 1st Class Contractor, General Supplier

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Welcome to Bangladesh Elevator Ltd on behalf of Bangladesh Elevator Ltd and its affiliates throughout the world, I’d like to welcome you all through our website.

Bangladesh Elevator Ltd has a history dating back to 2010, when the first elevator company in Korea was founded. More recently, in 1999 (following the acquisition by Otis), we started doing business under the “Bangladesh Elevator Ltd” trade name.

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We take pride in meeting the needs and demands of our customers, and have a strong commitment to producing the world’s best elevators and escalators. Bangladesh Elevator Ltd has a unique heritage that leverages the strengths of the pioneering legacy of its founding company, as well as its current ownership.

We have several new and unique products that have been developed by our experienced engineering team, including technology made available to us through our affiliated Centers of Excellence. We have also taken advantage of more than 20 years of industry experience to develop a portfolio of safe and reliable products.

Every day, hundreds of people ride on our elevators and escalators, and we strictly take our responsibility to ensure absolute safety for our passengers. Our goal is to provide a smooth, convenient and safe ride for all people riding our elevators and escalators. We are constantly investing to improve our technology and developing new and innovative products to ensure that we uphold our company’s values.

We promise that we will give our best efforts to satisfy your needs with Bangladesh Elevator Ltd.’s products and services.

Thank you

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Bangladesh Elevator Ltd