WELCOME TO BANGLADESH ELEVATOR LTD --- We are distributor of Fuji South Korea --- We Can Supply Any Brand Lift As Our Customer’s Requirement --- Fastest Growing Elevator Company in Bangladesh Since 2010 --- We work world-famous elevator and escalator brands like Fuji, Sigma, Otistar, Silver & Others --- We are importer-exporter & Govt. 1st Class Contractor, General Supplier

Chairman Message

On behalf of Bangladesh Elevator Ltd, I’d like to welcome you to our web page. The company established in 2010 in the capital city Dhaka but has now extended operations throughout Bangladesh. Lift and Elevator business was our first concern, and today it remains one of the core businesses of our own. Bangladesh Elevator Ltd. work with Fuji Elevator Company, Korea, a well-recognized brand in all over the world. 
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We are an authorized distributor of Fuji Branded Elevator and Escalator in Bangladesh. Since the company’s inception, Bangladesh Elevator Ltd, has diversified its business, especially in this relevant sector and has touched the lives of our country people. We are committed to smoothly run all its operations professionally by ensuring prompt and proper services, new supplying, installation, maintenance and modernization. Our expertise is well trained to operate the installation, testing, repair and maintenance work.

Through our dedicated support to the clients and interactions with them, we are able to identify and capitalize on business trends and the needs of prospective developments that occur in the near future.

We are very happy about our satisfied clients, customers and partners that we have built over the years. And, definitely grateful to all the people who have confidence in our services.

As a responsible company, our mission is to develop good value, innovation, quality products and services for our clients and to make sustainable choices. I am sure that with the support of all our customers, partners and dedication of our people, all of our future endeavors will continue to be successful.

Thank you

chairmen message

Chairman Bangladesh Elevator Ltd